As part of TOMP we held four events, the Launch, a Grandparents Event, a Festival of Aging Summer Party and our Celebration Event.


Launch Event

The launch event was held at Miles Platting Library (in Victoria Mills Community Centre) in March 2018. Undertaken in partnership with Jigsaw/Adactus Housing and Buzz, it had a spring and health and wellbeing themes.


50 people attended and a range of activities took place: a mini drop-in creative writing workshop with Al; Ged and Al gave a launch speech; the website was launched; hand, neck and shoulder massages; mindfulness and relaxation session (from Buzz); exhibition about the project, including map of 25 tales selected from 2017; and afternoon tea/lunch, teas and coffees.

Grandparents' Event

This event took place at Park View Community School, following a writing workshop with both Year 6 classes. Some children from both classes performed their poetry in the hall, to an audience of grandparents, Board members, teachers and other Year 6 children. Afternoon tea and home-made cookies were provided. Year 6 children were invited to help their grandparents to write a TOMP acrostic poem. There were around 20 adults at this event and 60 children.


Sycamore Court

A joint Summer Party and Festival of Ageing event was held at Sycamore Court sheltered housing scheme, (who regularly have an event at this time of year). This was arranged in partnership with manager Julie Churchill. DJ Ged played, there was a buffet and 40 people attended, with half of these from outside the housing scheme.

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Image 1, 2, 3 Launch Event (Photos by Martina Magill)

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Celebratory Event

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Image 4 Grandparents Event

Image 5 Festival of Ageing Summer Party

(Photos by Sarah Spanton)

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