TOMP Workshops

Creative Writing Workshops

Al Keogh is a writer, poet and local resident. He ran a programme of four free public creative writing workshops, held at four different venues: Victoria Square, Jigsaw/Adactus’ Offices, Church of the Apostles and the Community Grocers. Along with six creative writing club sessions, held at Miles Platting library. These focussed on creative writing activities, about older people’s lives past and present, and an acrostic poem based on the words 'Tales of Miles Platting'. Two other workshops were held with each of two Year 6 classes (11-year-olds) led by Al and two members of the Board, in partnership with Park View Community School. Participants were invited to learn new skills in an enjoyable way; be more confident about expressing themselves and sharing their experiences of living in Miles Platting, past , present and future.

Visual Arts Workshops

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Sharon Campbell is a visual artist, who works locally at AWOL Studios, on Pollard Street East. She ran three workshops at Victoria Square Community Room, St George’s Community Centre and Church of the Apostles. Sharon was also commissioned to make the large-scale book to present all the tales in one place. She combined the work from the visual art workshops, large printed copies of the Tales and emotional words and place names selected from tales gathered in 2017.

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