The Tales

During the creative writing workshops with Al Keogh, around 50 new pieces of writing were written by local older people living in Miles Platting, and another 30 pieces of writing were written by children during workshops at Park View Community School.

All this writing is now in a large, beautiful hand-made book.

And some of the writing can be heard here.

Click these PDFs to read the Tales Of Miles Platting book.

The streets are paved with gold

Alright, maybe not

Lined with concrete

Enclosed with houses

Smiles from the windows to be sure


Our house is there

Front garden not great but it’s ours


Miles Platting is the place

It is our home

Little too old, it doesn’t matter

Enticed by the cotton

Salaries for all


Please be respectful

Leave it as you find it

All of you, not just me

The bins will be emptied

To keep the old dears smiling

I know, I see them do it

No fuss

Go elsewhere if that isn’t for you

(John G)

Tales of the Unexpected

One morning I had a strange encounter. I was going to the local shop, Charley’s, which doesn’t exist in Miles Platting anymore. I was just turning the corner and a beautiful cat came towards me. I had never seen her before and

she approached me. Some guy from Nelson Court said that she was stray. I noticed her, and she just came to me. I imagined she would struggle as I picked her up, but she cuddled into me as if she had known me for years. A strange feeling came over me, as if it was fate.

Possibly, she could have come from up the street. Did she try to get into Nelson Court after seeing it for years? Or was it just spooky timing? A puzzle that still stays with me as I look at her now. She knows something I don’t know.

Where is she from?

(Phil C)

Tales of Miles Platting

Miles Platting is an ever-changing community with thousands of people that have lived in the area for most, if not all, of their lives. They have schooled here, married and raised children here, who, in turn are raising their own kids. With many new houses now being built there is a new community starting out their lives in our community, building their own lives and starting to create their own meaning of belonging.

(Mike B)

Taking me back to my childhood

As young as nine years old

Living in Miles Pllatting at the time

Everyone was very friendly and kind

Sharing thoughts, today is wonderful


Over 54 years have passed now. I’m 63 years old

Filled with happy and sad memories of years gone by


Mum was a wonderful woman back then and continued

In bringing up 6 very active and special children

Living not far from her own mother and siblings, Ancoats and Miles Platting born and bred

Every family was very friendly and looked after each other

Sharing food, money, mop buckets, paint brushes etc…


People were different then I tend to remember

Life was peaceful, happy, friendly, complete

After mum’s death when I was twelve, I remember I was sad

Time slowed down, missing going to the wash-house with mum

Taking in all the gossip her and her neighbour would do

In the wash-house listening to the big machines and the voices shouting over the noise

Never would I have thought I’d be sitting here today, sharing this with people

Good to feel community spirit again in Miles Platting that I felt was lost for many, many years. Lovely to be part of it again. Only good days to come for everyone

(Christine D)

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