About MPAFN Board

The board meets monthly at various community venues in the neighbourhood. It is made up of resident members and people who work for a range of institutions and organisations based in the area.

Meet the board members

Mike Bishop

Local resident and team leader for Miles Platting Theatre Trippers.

Christine Daniels

Local resident and management member for St. George's Centre.

Dot Lomax

Dot is a local resident and is involved in a range of community projects including; the Community Garden and Many Hands Craft Collective. 



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Kathryn Bates

Local resident.

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Sheila Davies

Local resident and Chair of St George's Community Centre.

Together we have the power to make things happen!
Charles McDermott

Local resident and volunteer who is interested in poetry, art, music and theatre.

Ellie Trimble

Local resident and vicar at The Church of The Apostles with St. Cuthbert, Miles Platting. I am passionate about faith in people and places.



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Rose Grant-Muller

Environmental Change Officer at Adactus Housing Association.

Anna Jarawka

Neighbourhood Health Worker for Buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Services.



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Rose Sheriden

Local resident.

Ged Reek

Ged is chair of the board, and is our Age-Friendly DJ and radio presenter.



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Sue Anya

Local resident and management member for St. George's Centre.



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Jean Finn

Local resident.



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Sue Williams

Deputy Superintendent & Minister at

Trinity Methodist Church

Empowering people to connect and create projects with a strong sense of pride in our area!